Garrucha is a municipality of Almería province, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. Garrucha is a seaport of south-eastern Spain on the Mediterranean Sea and the right bank of the river Antas. In 1998 the town had a population of 5000. The harbor of Garrucha, which is defended by an eighteenth-century castle, affords shelter to large ships, and is the natural outlet for the commerce of a once thriving agricultural and mining district. Garrucha had, at the beginning of the twentieth century a considerable trade in lead, silver, copper, iron, esparto grass and fruit, but now the only export from its harbour is gypsum mined in Sorbas, with a million metric tonnes being exported annually . Besides cargo ships, the port is home to a small fishing fleet and has approximately 300 moorings for leisure boats.

The town is visited by tourists from Spain and also the continent.There are many seafront bars and restaurants serving locally produced goods like fish and the produce from farms in the surrounding area.

The Problem

There is quite a severe problem in Garrucha at the moment. The municipal waste disposal system is unable to handle the volume of waste that is being generated and there is a massive lack of containers especially for plastic and paper.

To try to resolve this issue the town hall of Garrucha collects the rubbish in a van twice a day and dumps it in an open piece of land behind the cemetery. This waste collected twice a week and taken away for disposal.

However, in the time that this rubbish is accumulating in this open area, the wind, which often times is very strong in this area, is picking up the loose paper, card and plastic and blowing it across the countryside and even down to the beaches and into the sea.

We are trying to form a collaboration with the town hall and local officials but it is extremely difficult to organise meetings with the mayoress. Although we have formed a partnership with the Regional Government and it is the town hall that is responsible for this area.