As President of P3 Ambiental, I should like to solicit your financial support to help defray our operating expenses; and to enable us to more effectively promote new projects, events and activities.

Established in 2017, P3 Ambiental is an international community-based, not-for-profit association encouraging citizens to embrace recyling and environmental awareness practices at home, in the workplace and at school. We also look at broader environmental issues that impact adversely on communities locally, nationwide and internationally.

P3 Ambiental, in partnership/affiliation with key organisations, seeks to deliver on our objectives of environmental actions through:

Awareness raising campaigns via our website, newsletter and Facebook as well as through the media developing educational resources such as information sheets and Helpful Hints guides hosting community forums, workshops and other events.

Collaborating with local, national and international authorities and private sector businesses we aim to:

- develop educational and training activities to promote a new civic culture of cleanliness of the environment and the use of established waste recovery routes.

- create projects, studies and activities on the problems and solutions for the fly-tipping of man made waste.

- organise, participate in and promote volunteer based hands-on clean up campaigns and training within the local communities, with the goal of changing the consciousness and civic awareness of this growing problem.

I hope that your organisation will see the merits and benefits of financially supporting P3 Ambiental's efforts to increase understanding and adoption of sustainable living practices throughout Europe.

For further information, please get in touch.

Kinds Regards

Julian Phillips - President

P3 Ambiental