We love nature, the environment, the planet and we think that you do too!

We must realise that taking care of our planet is no more difficult than taking care of our houses. Since we come from nature, there is no point in our going against nature. If we put nature out of balance, humankind will suffer. We must consider future generations: a clean environment is a human right like any other. It is, therefore, part of our responsibility towards others to ensure that the world we pass on is as healthy, if not healthier, than when we found it. This may sound like a difficult proposition as although there is a limit to what we as individuals can do, there is no limit to what a global response might achieve. It is up to us as individuals to do what we can, however little that may be. Just because an action may seem inconsequential, does not mean that we should not do it.

We believe that nature and the environment deserves to be treated with respect and needs to be cared for so the amazing beauty around us will be here for future generations.

Fly-tipping, littering, and incorrect waste management are still problems in our society. They not only generate filth and degrade both urban and natural areas, but also compromise the environment and diminish the enjoyment of the general population that a cleaner landscape would provide. When we dump garbage, litter or get rid of our domestic and industrial waste incorrectly, we are attacking nature, without thought or respect for nature itself, and there is an impact on animals, other people and indeed, ourselves. The cleanliness of our towns and cities, as well as that of roads, beaches, mountains, rivers and all natural spaces, not only contributes to the raising the quality of life of a community but also reveals the degree education and consciousness of its citizens.

We are committed to fighting to protect the environment, leading the way in educating others to care for nature, taking action to eliminate existing waste that has been carelessly dumped into some of our unique landscapes.

The fight against fly-tipping and littering and incorrect waste management is a challenge for the whole of society. To eradicate the behaviours that provoke this attitude of carelessness, indifference or, in the worst case antisocial behaviour, is the responsibility of everyone. The ultimate cause of these things, is us, the people, and only our thoughts and actions can change things and ameliorate (and in the future avoid) the problem. Neither the costly urban cleaning systems, nor the scarce resources available to clean our natural spaces are of much use if we are not ready to use and maintain them properly: fly-tipping and littering are unpleasant problems which are expensive to clean up, but they have a much more serious and far-reaching impact on the environment. The lack of civic education is one of the lead causes of the mistreatment of our rural, natural and urban areas.

We feel that nature has rights. We are human beings, we are part of nature, we have rights, so why does nature not have the same rights?

Man cannot live and survive amidst waste. A clean environment that includes clean air, water, land and energy, is essential for human existence. These components must be sustained through conservation and proper waste management.

We invite you to join us, promote us, help us, sponsor us or just support us...

Alone we are a remedy...

Together we are the solution!