We know that sustainability (and how to live and work sustainably) is a developing area of knowledge and skills. Our goal is to keep people updated and thinking about good practice. Our policy work aims to share this practice and encourage supportive systems for educators to carry out this important work. As a membership non Profir Organisation, we aim to represent schools and organisations who care deeply about our planet, each other, and the impact we are having on future generations.

What is Environmental Education?

It's how we help people - of all ages - learn about environmental issues, either as part of their general curriculum based learning, or through specific activities. We aim to help people better understand their environment and develop the knowledge, values, attitudes, skills and behaviours to improve it for themselves and future generations.

Why is it important?

Changes in the environment have - and will continue to - affect us geographically, socially and economically at local, national and global levels. We will see our towns and neighbourhoods change as we adapt to the challenges ahead and forge a sustainable future. This makes educating the young about these changes essential. They will be the generation that makes the difference in how we tackle climate change, how we source our food and how we find sustainable and renewable energy sources, to name just a few issues. They will need the skills and knowledge to face the challenges ahead and provide real, long-term solutions.

Eco-Schools (EscuelasEco)

Giving Children & Young Adults the tools, information and training they need to improve our environment.

We are developing a system to help schools become more environmentally friendly places which in turn will impart this knowledge to their students.

The programme foscuses on key environmental factors such as the 3 R's, water conservation, energy use reduction, alternative energy soutrces and the effects these all have on nature and our environment.

The Programme is a hands-on student lead learning system that involves the school and the local community. Students will be involved in the creation and implementaiton fo exciting environmental projects. It provides resources and information on each of the steps that schools need to take to progress along the path to eco-excellence. Each step along the eco-path will gain you an award until you finally achieve the "EscuealasEco" award for excellence, providing recognition of the environmental work your school, your pupils and indeed your community have achieved.

The Programme covers 9 topics. Each 3 topics covered is equal to one step, and for each step achieved you will receive an award. All topics can be easily integrated into school life and social activities. The Final award is given if the educational facility continues to follow the strategies implemented and work towards further improvements by ongoing continual development.

EscuelasEco Awards


We are developing a range of Presentations, Seminars and Workshops that can be taken directly into schools, colleges and universities.

These fun, interactive and informative sessions area tailored to all ages and each one can be altered to suit your exact requirements.

We work with our members and partners to run a variety of workshops and larger scale events across the country. Please get in touch with us if you would like to work with P3 Ambiental to set up a training event.